In Your Best Interest

W. Hank Cunningham


With More than one trillion dollars in bonds outstanding, the Canadian fixed income market is enormous. In fact, its daily trading volume is almost five times that of the equity markets. Yet investors and even many financial advisors know little about it. In Your Best Interest demystifies the retail fixed income market, from the basics of a bond to the various products available to a full discussion of the mathematics of bonds and the bond market. It also provides useful tips on selecting the right advisor. In Your Best Interest gives you the tools to meet your income and retirement needs by making the retail fixed income market less expensive, more accessible, and more efficient. Hank Cunningham has over 37 years of experience in all aspects of fixed income markets. He has been a trader, institutional salesman, portfolio manager, and sero coupon specialist. Since 1988 he has specialized in the retail aspect, building and managing three different fixed income trading desks. He is now Senior Vice-President of First Associates in Toronto.

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