Getting a Grip on Your Money: A Plain & Simple Christian Guide to Managing Personal Finances, Eliminating Debt, Spending, Saving & Giving, Investing for the Future

William C. Wood


You don't need an accounting degree to get a grip on your finances!

Most people give up on money management for the same reason they quit dieting-it's just too hard to manage all the details, so they forget it altogether. But handling your personal finances doesn't require complicated budgets or technical spreadsheets.

Economist William Wood says that it's better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing at all. Rather than tracking every penny, we're better off following basic, general guidelines that will help us avoid common financial pitfalls.

Filled with real-world examples and illustrations, this book offers simple, practical advice for getting your finances in order, with sound help for reducing debt, spending less and saving more. Even in today's uncertain economic climate, we can invest in ways that give us stable, long-term growth. Wood provides common-sense approaches to topics like credit cards, insurance, mortgages, mutual funds and much more.

Ultimately Wood reminds us that money is not only for our own benefit; good financial stewardship creates opportunities to give and provide for others. Wood's blend of financial expertise and biblical wisdom shows how Christians can honor God with their money. Whether you are starting college, buying your first home or approaching retirement, here is a sensible approach to personal finance that anybody can handle.

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