SU-27 Fighter: Beginning of Story: Part 1

Павел Плунский, Владимир Антонов, Вячеслав Зенкин, Ильдар Бедретдинов, Николай Гордюков


The book is the first part of the two-volume monograph on the development and improvement of the world's best fighter, the Su-27. The first book covers the development of the Su-27's first variant designated as T-10. For the first time, the book summarises a wealth of factual materials on the development and construction of the T-10 aircraft, its specifications and flight trials, gathered from the archives and materials provided by the Sukhoi design bureau and over 50 companies that took part in the development.
The book is intended for a large readership.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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