Defiant Heart

Therese A Kraemer


Tory, an orphan at the age of ten is taken under the wing of a duchess as a servant but the Duchess has her own motives. Her teenage son, Lyndon Annicott protests and tries everything to make her runaway but Tory is just as strong willed. Maybe she is the daughter of a Duke or perhaps a princess , after all an orphan has to dream. Sometimes you find someone that truly loves you but it is rare for it to happen twice. Years later, Tory has grown into a beautiful woman, who inherited everything that should have been his. Although bitter fighting erupts between them over the estate, Lyndon is attracted to Tory as she is to him. This story has many twists and turns when our heroine discovers that she's the daughter of a duke and her mother was her father's mistress, a Russian princess.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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