CFP Certification Exam Practice Question Workbook: 1,000 Comprehensive Practice Questions (2nd Edition)

Matthew Brandeburg


*** UPDATED FOR 2012***CFP Certification Exam Practice Question Workbook provides 1,000 comprehensive practice questions to prepare you for the demanding 10-hour CFP Certification Exam. Master exam topics with intensive practice in the essential areas you'll find on the test. All questions are test-level difficulty and focused solely on helping you pass. Whether you're challenging the exam for the first time or trying again after an unsuccessful attempt, you will learn the skills needed to master the exam. This Innovative Workbook Includes: - 100 practice questions each for General Principles, Insurance, Tax Planning, Investments, Retirement and Employee Benefits, and Estate Planning - Two separate 200 question comprehensive practice tests - Detailed solutions to all practice questions - Keystrokes to master the essential math you will face on the exam Written by the same author of "Your Guide to the CFP Certification Exam" and "CFP Certification Exam Flashcard Review Books"Read What Others Are Saying:"These questions are clear, concise, and challenging. I am able to study them multiple times and still learn something new each time. This book works!" - Joe O'Neal, Financial Planner, LPL Financial, Houston, TX "After completing the 1,000 practice questions I have learned where I need to focus my attention and I feel much more confident about taking the exam. I highly recommend this book!" - Tad Herrington, Financial Planner, John E. Sestina and Co., Columbus, OH "This user-friendly workbook features no gimmicks, tricks, or secrets to passing the exam. Instead it provides relevant practice questions and detailed analysis to help master the exam topics. This is an essential resource for serious test-takers." - Chris Norris, Financial Consultant, Wells Fargo Advisors, Monterey, CA

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