The Last Stand of Daronwy

Clint Talbert


Twin Hills is a dying forest in an abandoned Texas oil field, now skirted by a residential neighborhood. Its protector is an ancient oak tree called Daronwy, who has turned the forest's pain into a dark magic that it hopes can keep the remaining trees safe from further harm. The spell was working, too-until a young boy from the nearby neighborhood, Jeremy Trahan, is drawn to the woods in search of the magic he senses instinctively. By finding the magic, Jeremy hopes it will help him escape the boredom and bullies that plague his life-just like in all the books he's read. But as he gets closer to discovering the gateway to the other world that the spell hides, land developers descend on the fragile forest with bulldozers and chainsaws. Will Jeremy seize the chance to leave his mundane world behind, or will he stand and fight for his haven? "There have been hundreds of stories that glibly tell of young people plunged into fantastic settings, but very few of them make you really FEEL what it's like to struggle in two worlds, to bring the experience so vividly to life that the tale swallows you. Clint Talbert manages just that in this beautifully written gem of a tale. Get this book!" --Ed Greenwood, author & creator, the "Forgotten Realms" series "Clint Talbert has crafted an intelligent fable about friendship, courage, and standing up for one's beliefs. Jeremy's quest to save the last remnants of a once proud forest pits the dogged idealism of youth against an adult world that has given up all hope for a happy ending." --Sean Mulcahy, author, "Slip Sliding Away"

Тип: fb2, pdf

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