How America Was Financed: The True Story of Northeastern Pennsylvania's Contribution to the Financial and Economic Greatness of the United States of America

Thomas W. Dombroski


The author has created an interpretive document detailing the contributions of North East Pennsylvania to the greatness of the United States of America resulting in an economic, financial, and political revitalization of the U.S.A.

The book details the accidental and deliberated thing that were done during the 130 years of the first use of anthracite coal to further the prosperity of few and the enslavement of many.

No other economic factor in the U.S. ever resulted in such great prosperity and economic progress as the discovery and usage of anthracite coal. Without the ingenuity of the Connecticut people and the shrewdness in business of J.P. Morgan, the United States would not be the great nation it is today. It is unusual that thosewho contributed and sacrificed to make this happen benefited the least even to today in northeast Pennsylvania.

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