Equipped to Build a Godly Generation

Eugenia L. Roche


If God is real, what is He like? Do absolute truths and moral standards really exist? Is hell a real place? These are real questions to which young people are receiving conflicting answers. Now, more than ever, they are in dire need of non-compromising, spiritual warriors to fill in the long-forsaken gap of sound, biblical instruction and diminish, if not eradicate, the gross spiritual deficit rampant throughout their generation. Equipped to Build a Godly Generation focuses parents, church leaders and mentors on the Word of God and empowers them to accurately and boldly communicate His nature through helpful definitions, supporting Scripture passages, object lessons, and practical, everyday applications. As God's nature becomes applicable to the young people, it will transition from mere head knowledge to relevant, useful and personal truths potentially causing the unsaved to be convicted of their sin and accept Him as Lord of their lives and preparing the saved to live in victory. Consequently, the spiritual deficit rampant throughout their generation will diminish and they, too, will be equipped to build a Godly generation.

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