European Union Enlargement from EU15 to EU25: Trade Implications for Pakistan

Naeem Abdul Rashid


The inclusion of 10 CEECs countries in 2004 into the orbit of European Union raised doubts about future of its trade relations with the developing countries, in general and Pakistan, in particular. As per the prediction of economic integration theory, the enlargement will have to strengthen the trade with the EU10 at the cost of non member countries including Pakistan. However, the European Union enlargement would carry both possible opportunities and serious threats for Pakistan. This book explores that whether the European Union enlargement has posed any threat for Pakistan's textiles trade expansion in the enlarged EU market? The main thrust of the book is to answering the question that how far Pakistan will fare as per European Union's external trade regime, in view of its widening and deepening aspects and in relation to her competitors in the enlarged European Union market in the years to come.

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