Selling Is A Mind Game

Warren Schoening


Selling Is a Mind Game is a comprehensive guide for individuals entering the sales profession or for the veteran to reexamine basic sales fundamentals for successful selling. This book provides a straightforward presentation by addressing which skill sets are necessary to achieve success. An expansive approach provides each reader with the opportunity to apply individual product and industry knowledge for personal skill development. DECISION-MAKING IS A MENTAL PROCESS A favorable setting and relaxed atmosphere is desirable; however, buying decisions are not made on the golf course, in restaurants, or in offices, but instead in the buyer's mind. Sales conversations and presentation material must parallel how buyers mentally process information. DISCOVER THE DECISION-MAKING PROCESS Selling Is a Mind Game focuses on the buyer's decision-making process. This unique perspective provides an understanding of how buying decisions are made and demonstrates how to take advantage of that process via sales disciplines and techniques. IDENTIFY SELLING DISCIPLINES / TECHNIQUES THAT PARALLEL THE DECISION-MAKING PROCESS PLACING BUYER AND SELLER ON CORRESPONDING PATHS Each selling discipline/technique has a specific objective and is aligned with the buyer's mental process, which guides the sales conversation, and a proposal toward a positive buying decision. ADDITIONAL TOPICS THIS BOOK EXPLAINS AND TEACHES: THE ART OF PERSUASION Ability to influence others RULE OF "80" FUD FACTOR Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt SELLING LANDSCAPE Understand how the "game" is played FEATURES & BENEFITS Features Tell-Benefits Sell TAKING THE SALES STAGE>br /> Superstar vs. Average BUYING SIGNALS Know when to close WHY BUYERS PRESENT OBJECTIONS Learn why the no-sale sign goes up

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