World Bank’s Role in HRD in India

Mohammad Tariq Intezar


Human development is an integral part of the developmental process of any nation.Wiothout human development can be rated as complete and justified.The choice may be infinite and ever changing yet three essentials needs are aspired by one all at every level of development.These include health &longivity of life,to acquire knowledge and to have access to resources required for a decent standard of living.The initiation of the World Bank contribution to nations was largely in the field of economic growth and development.However with tthe shift of emphasis from economic growth and development to the HRD.It is against this backdrop that the study has proposed to analyze the role of the World bank in HRD in nurturing in India.This book has endeveavored to work on contribution of World Bank in these two areas .Attempt has made to assess the growth pattern in the areas.Trend analysis has been made to gauge,the width and depth of country investment in these sectors.Investment trend of the bank into these areas have also been identify.The aid analysis clearly established that India has been consistently investing into these two areas.

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