Megacommunities: How Leaders of Government, Business and Non-Profits Can Tackle Today's Global Challenges Together

Mark Gerencser, Кристофер М. Келли, Fernando Napolitano, Reginald Van Lee


In a time of rapid globalization and growth, the interconnected world demands a freshly recast consciousness and a revolution in perspective - a challenge that falls to leaders of organizations in three sectors: business, government and civil society. Leading voices in each of these spheres must work together to solve the world's most complex problems, from pandemic disease to the energy crisis to small business vitality. In this pioneering book, four senior managers of the global management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton map out solutions to some of these large-scale challenges through the groundbreaking new concept of the Megacommunity. This is a new form of collaborative network, a community of organizations directed toward a common goal. The authors tell the success stories of megacommunities already at work today, with examples that include fighting AIDS, urban revitalization in Harlem, developing sustainable energy in Italy, and saving the Great Barrier Reef. This insightful book shows both current and future leaders how to achieve balance, overcome differences, and be able to operate optimally, combining the strengths of public, private, and civil-sector organizations.

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