Christian Prosperity Secrets

Gordon Hurd


Christian Prosperity Secrets is a rare gem of a book that will change the way Christians approach prosperity and wealth creation. The book starts by laying the foundation of Christian prosperity with strong biblical quotes to buttress every claim. After setting out the reasons why a lot of Christians struggle with lack, Gordon then presents cogent arguments why Christians should not be poor. There are too many charitable works on earth that need sponsoring and the Christian should have enough to be able to "abound to every good work". If you are a Christian with a passion for doing great works around the world and you do not know how to partner with God to create the wealth you need to fulfill your vision, then Christian Prosperity Secrets is the right book for you. It will open up new possibilities for you and guide you toward achievement on a grander scale than you may have previously settled for. Christian Prosperity Secrets sets a clear prosperity road map that walks the reader through financial goal-setting, business investment, right giving, visualization and gratitude as cornerstones for wealth creation in the Kingdom of God. Christian Prosperity Secrets is a must read!

Тип: fb2, pdf

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