Anma Natsu


Sakura Takeshi’s world was torn apart by her father’s mental illness. Though somehow she survived the attack that left her an orphan, the wounds to her body left her living on borrowed time. To help her get through the pain, the kind man who adopts her spun fantastical stories about his childhood friend, a magical yokai from another world. Harmless fairy tales to take her mind off things, or so she always thought…

Until the night a wounded man appears in Sakura’s garden and she learns that her adopted father’s stories had all been true! Kazuki is not only a yokai, but also the heir to his kingdom. Unfortunately, he is on the run from his younger brother who wants the throne for himself.

With Kazuki’s gentle influence, Sakura’s world opens up. But what point is there in learning to live again, much less to fall in love, if you’ll only have to say goodbye in the end?

If you are a fan of manga-style stories and grown up fairy tales, then you’ll love this young adult fantasy love story set in Hakodate, Japan!

Тип: fb2, pdf

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