Cornerstones of Financial and Managerial Accounting

Jay Rich, Jeff Jones, Maryanne Mowen, Don Hansen, Dan L. Heitger


Introduce your students to the primary concepts or "cornerstones" of accounting today with the breakthrough solution, CORNERSTONES OF FINANCIAL & MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING. Written by recognized accounting authors and award-winning professors Jay Rich, Jeff Jones, Dan Heitger, Maryanne Mowen, and Don Hansen, this unique text helps students build a strong foundation in core accounting concepts with an approach that mirrors the way today's readers study and use accounting texts. The book's distinctive Cornerstones pedagogy provides a consistent framework with step-by-step examples to help your students master fundamental accounting concepts. Students will develop critical problem-solving skills while understanding the relevance of accounting in business. Illustrations from well-known companies and corresponding video reinforcement ensures better results in your classroom. A comprehensive support package with the award-winning Aplia for Accounting online homework solution engages students and saves you time. Give your students a richer understanding of accounting and its impact on today's business environment with CORNERSTONES OF FINANCIAL & MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING.

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