Atlantis Once Again

John Warren Self


Book DescriptionAtlantis Once Again is a terror-action-adventure science-fiction-thriller, that has a little of many things, including; pirate drug-trafficking crime, wife murder, romance and tragedy. This story is about the lives of a CIA operative, a British scientist, an escaped Florida con man and a fishing boat captain and their loves; living through adventures on the sea and shore.

A despeiren Dr. David Elton describes an Atlantic Ocean mega-tsunami with a thunder bolt power for destruction that the world has never seen. His emotions are drained from sleepless nights, as he describes the devastation that he expects along all of the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and into the Mediterranean Sea. In his words, he paints a grave picture of death and destruction of cities, countries, and the Statue of Liberty. As he speaks the Red Sox are completing a four game sweep of the Yankees at Yankee Stadium and there is word of an island exploding off of the Ivory Coast of Africa from a Terrorist Nuclear blast.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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