The Wall Street Investment Bible Volume 1

Mike stathis


In order to become a great investor you need to develop consistency. The only way to do well consistently in the stock market is to create a viable system. Whether you're a trader or an investor, you'll need to develop a system that works for you. Your system won't be some trading software that promises to transform a moron into a millionaire. And it won't be delivered to you by some investment guru. Your system will be one you create. It will be a system based upon how you're best able to analyze information and respond to change. It will be centered on your investment objectives, experience and financial resources. Your system will take many years to develop. In the process, you'll make many mistakes, so you must proceed slowly and conservatively. Once you develop some consistent success, you'll become more confident. But you must also recognize when to fine-tune your system because everything changes. In order to develop your system, you'll need to spend your time wisely, educating yourself and listening only to those who know what's really going on; not the guys who have been predicting Dow 30,000 or doom for twenty years. These guys are plastered all over television and the print media. They take extreme positions in order to market their services. But extremists never make money. This book was meant to be an educational resource. It wasn't meant to provide you with entertainment. If you want to read entertaining investment books with all of the rah-rah, the feel good messages, and "it's so easy" themes, there are thousands you can chose from. But this is not one of them. In this book I've covered what I feel to be the most important topics rather than focusing on a few because I wanted to provide you with a broad perspective. This is the foundation of my own investment methodology.

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