Divinity and The Python

Bonnie Randall


"The driver's window-perfectly intact when she and Andrew had arrived this morning-was now a shattered chrysanthemum of broken glass, and a weapon, a hammer, hung like a calling card from the frame. She grabbed her cell. Their quarry was clearly on the loose. Finger on speed dial, she reached with her free hand for the hammer." The Python is the hottest nightclub in freezing Edmonton: all skin, no substance, and definitely no spirituality. Bartender Shaynie Gavin knows better-all things have a soul, and on an evening she's come to call Hellnight, The Python left a dark stain on hers. Now Shaynie's moving into another place that's more than what it seems-Divinity, the old morgue she's refurbished into a Tarot lounge. With all her passion focused on launching the venture, Shaynie is rattled when Divinity appears to orchestrate a connection between her and superstitious hockey star Cameron Weste. Shaynie's reaction is nothing compared to The Python's. Vandalism, violence, an omniscient stalker- the parallels to her lost, bloody Hellnight in the club are unmistakable. But equally undeniable is the protection emanating from her old morgue. All things have a soul, and Divinity's seems aligned with Shaynie's own-but whose is twinned with the Python? As Shaynie starts hunting her stalker, it's clear only one soul will survive.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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