Advances in the Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide: International Approaches to Reduce Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Nato Science Series: IV: Earth and Environmental Sc


As is now generally accepted mankind’s burning of fossil fuels has resulted in the mass transfer of greenhouse gases, like CO2, to the atmosphere and a measurable change in the global climate. While the reduced use of fossil fuels must be our ultimate goal in order to reverse this trend, short to medium term solutions are needed which can make an impact today. Various CO2 abatement strategies have been proposed, with deep geological storage being one of the most promising. The present volume organises presentations given by leading international researchers at a NATO Advanced Research Workshop (held in Tomsk, Russia in November of 2004) on the state-of-the-art of geological storage of CO2. The book is divided into 5 parts. Part 1 provides background by describing how human activities are modifying the atmosphere in industrially-active areas in Siberia. Part 2 outlines the innovative idea of using deep permafrost layers as either impermeable boundaries below which CO2 can be injected or as a cooling source for the formation CO2 clathrates. Part 3 describes recent studies conducted on naturally occurring CO2 reservoirs, sites which have the potential to help us understand the possible long-term evolution of CO2 storage sites. Part 4 outlines various industrial-scale applications of CO2 geological storage and shows it to be technically practical, economically feasible and, to date, very safe. Finally Part 5 gives us a view of the future, showing how energy uses are predicted to change over the next 50 years and how the public must be involved in any future decisions regarding climate change abatement.

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