Bacterial Flora and Pollution Level of the River Buriganga, Dhaka

Mohammad Ali,Mahbubar Rahman Khan and Mihir Lal Saha


Bangladesh is a riverine country. The metropolitan Dhaka city stands on the bank of the river Buriganga. So, the river plays a vital role for the transportation, entertainment, waterways and natural resources for the capital city of Bangladesh. This river is also the effluent outlet of many industries. For this reason the river water is polluting drastically day by day. The river is also filling up with the sediment of silt. In our work the bacteriological and chemical pollution parameter of the river has been detected. Some coliform and Enteric bacteria such as Alkaligenes, Escherichia coli, Enterobacter, Plesiomonas, Salmonella etc. have been identified which abundance is the indication of pollution. The BOD and COD values were above the safety level. Some suggestions for pollution remediation have also been placed in the book. For the revitalization of fresh ecosystem and pollution free water resources there should be taken some strict measures. Public awareness has also been needed for the rejuvenation of the water body.

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