SAS for Linear Models

Ramon Littell, Walter W. Stroup, Rudolf Freund


Features and capabilities of the REG, ANOVA, and GLM procedures are included in this introduction to analysing linear models with the SAS System. This guide shows how to apply the appropriate procedure to data analysis problems and understand PROC GLM output. Other helpful guidelines and discussions cover the following significant areas: Multivariate linear models; lack-of-fit analysis; covariance and heterogeneity of slopes; a classification with both crossed and nested effects; and analysis of variancefor balanced data. This fourth edition includes updated examples, new software-related features, and new material, including a chapter on generalised linear models. Version 8 of the SAS System was used to run the SAS code examples in the book.
* Provides clear explanations of how to use SAS to analyse linear models
* Includes numerous SAS outputs
* Includes new chapter on generalised linear models
* Uses version 8 of the SAS system
This book assists data analysts who use SAS/STAT software to analyse data using regression analysis and analysis of variance. It assumes familiarity with basic SAS concepts such as creating SAS data sets with the DATA step and manipulating SAS data sets with the procedures in base SAS software.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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