Flowers Clusters in Brazil: scenario, market and cold chain logistics

Marly cavalcanti and Etiene de Farias Macedo


1. Introduction 2. A Brief History of Cooperation and its Importance for Brazil 3. Theoretical Contribution: Entrepreneurial Strategy 4. General Concept of Agribusiness and its possible approaches 5. Flowers Clusters in Brazil 6. The Municipality of Holambra 7. Flowers Industry and Ornamental Plants Worldwide 8. Latin America Market 9. Brazilian Tropical Flowers 10. The International Balance of Flowers 11. Market Outlook for the Medium Term 12. Brazil National Scenario of the Market of Flowers and Ornamental Plants 13. Production Chain of Flowers of the Northeast 14. Rain Forest Exotic Flowers 15. Flowers Agribusiness and Ornamental Plants in State of Sao Paulo 16. Needs Chain from the Viewpoint of the Agents 17. Market Behavior and External Logistics 18. A Model to Evaluate the Performance of Activities of the Sector Flowers, with Respect to Chain Integration and Competitiveness in Foreign Markets Conclusions References Annexes

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