The Making of a Master

Jeanette O'Donnal


"It is no coincidence that you picked up this book and have decided to read it," writes author, Jeanette O'Donnal. "Obviously, you are ready for a meaningful change. It is also easier than we think, to make those changes." O'Donnal provides a simple tracking method for self-improvement that takes the mystery out of defining your goals, making a road map and checking on your progress. This book is rich with nuggets of wisdom couched in anecdotes and instructive dialogues. Says O'Donnal: "Eventually I learned that happiness and fulfillment don't just come along one day. Rather, they are something we grow toward. They are what happen when we act on what we learn. Before we can learn how to track our self-worth, we have to begin the journey of self-knowledge. On this journey, we will start to become acquainted, at the deepest soul level, with that person, that 'I' or 'I am' that is the subject of the 'me' that we're tracking. What does it really mean, to know oneself?" O'Donnal will show you how to polish up your self-esteem, romance your life with joy and set exciting goals and achieve them. This is a method that works.

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