Amazing Grace

Даниэла Стил


On a warm May night in San Francisco, the Ritz - Carlton ballroom shimmers as a glittering, celebrity-studded crowd gathers for a charity dinner dance. The evening is perfect - until, just minutes before midnight, the room begins to sway...
In the earthquake's aftermath, the lives of four strangers will converge... Sarah Sloane, the wife of a financial whiz, watches her perfect world fall to pieces... Grammy-winning singer Melanie Free comes to a turning point in her life and career. Photographer Everett Carson finds new purpose amid the carnage... and Sister Maggie Kent, a nun who works with the homeless, searches through the rubble - and knows that there is much to be done…
As the city staggers back to life, a chain reaction of extraordinary events will touch each of the survivors... Sarah discovers a crime and a betrayal, then a strength she never knew she had. Volunteering at a refugee camp opens new worlds of possibility for Melanie. Everett will forge an unlikely relationship with Maggie, who helps him rebuild his shattered life-and upends her own in the process. And as a year passes, each discovers the unexpected gifts in a tragedy's wake... and the amazing grace of new beginnings.
Throughout these enthralling pages, Danielle Steel creates a stunning array of contrasts - from the dazzle of a society benefit to the chaos of a makeshift hospital, from the pampered lives of rock stars to the quiet heroism of emergency volunteers. It is her most powerful and life - affirming novel to date.

Формат издания: 10,5 см х 17,5 см.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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