Insights to Performance Excellence 2003: An Inside Look at the 2003 Baldrige Award Criteria

Mark L. Blazey


Book DescriptionAn update to the popular best seller, Insights to Performance Excellence 2003 thoroughly explains the Baldrige Award Criteria for 2003. Author Mark Blazey has simplified the 2003 Criteria through the use of linkage diagrams and flow charts for each of the 19 items that comprise the Criteria. The categories are aligned to reflect a new way of looking at the components of a high performance management system. Blazey also clearly details the differences between the 2002 and 2003 Criteria.

What separates this book from others on the market is the author's simplification of the 2003 Baldrige Criteria and the application process. Blazey does this through the use of flowcharts, relationship matrixes, and examples of effective practicesto help assess and document continuous improvement efforts. Insights to Performance Excellence 2003 will strengthen your understanding of the Criteria and provide valuable insights when analyzing your organization, achieving higher levels of performance, and applying for the Baldrige Award.

Changes to this 2003 edition include:

  • New information from the 2003 Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence to help leaders focus on priority opportunities for improvement and understandbetter the role they must play in refining their management systems and processes.
  • A review guideline for examiners that highlights processes required at the Basic, Overall, and Multiple levels of scoring.
  • An updated analysis of some of the adverse consequences organizations may face by failing to implement processes required by the performance excellence criteria.
  • Additional definitions to enhance understanding of key words in the Criteria and Scoring Guidelines.

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