Elmer Keith


For more books like this, please visit From the back cover: The author documents in this invaluable reference work his lifetime experiences and findings on this historic weapon. Elmer Keith, recognized as the world expert on guns, reports on new developments in arms and ammunition with a variety of splendid photographs of old and rare guns along with current American models. Included in his remarks is a treasury of absorbing information about marksmen with numerous illustrations of trick shooting, quick draws, hip-shooting and police training. More than fifty years of experience and experimentation in handguns with Indian fighters, vigilantes and frontier lawmen makes Mr. Keith a specialist in his field. As the Cleveland Plain Dealer puts it, “Other books have been written on the revolver—other books will be written—but ... Sixguns by Keith is and will remain the final authority.” This 1961 revised edition contains a supplemental chapter which includes information about the .44 Magnum and other firearms developments that were groundbreaking in 1961.

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