First To Die (Volume 1)

Norm Applegate


A vampire with a sickening fetish. A gypsy she loves the kill. A CEO probably insane wants revenge. A sexually bent woman, Kim Bennett. …and they want her dead! First to Die by Norm Applegate This book is not for vegetarians A grave has been robbed. A document has been stolen. Vampires are turning on each other. The Black Testament, discloses the truth behind vampires. How to live with them, how to kill them. A vampire has taken the document to the vaults beneath Notre Dame. Kim Bennett goes after it. It’s a trap. The CEO of the organization wants to see Kim bleed. Former dominatrix, part vampire, Kim Bennett turns it up a notch. Carve in, carve out, blood leaks… Kim battles twisted characters, a killer with a sickening fetish and a society fueled by blood lust. This novel is as much a thriller as it is blunt force trauma. Laced with sexual frenzy layered on graphic violence, this book is not for vegetarians.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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