In Nature's Honor: Myths And Rituals Celebrating The Earth

Patricia Montley


In Nature's Honor explores the eight solar holidays that mark the turning of the Wheel of the Year. Each chapter begins with a history of the holiday--the ways in which it has been celebrated from ancient to modern times, its relationship to other religious and secular celebrations and its cultural and mythological foundations. This history is followed by recommendations for specific activities to celebrate the season that individuals, families or small groups can enjoy. The chapters conclude with formal rituals suitable for use in larger faith communities. These include scripted narration, songs, dramatic enactments, litanies of seasonal blessings, readings from poetry and mythology and suggestions for ceremonial food.

In Nature's Honor reconnects the modern spiritual seeker with the earth-centered practices of our ancestors. This work explores the seasonal rituals that celebrate the earth and our connection to it--which is not just physical but profoundly spiritual.

The eight solar holidays that mark the turning of the Wheel of the Year take on new meaning as we: A·summon the sun at Winter Solstice A·honor mother's milk at Imbolc A·plant seeds and celebrate fertility at Spring Equinox A·leap over fires or dance around maypoles at Beltane A·rejoice in the sun's power at Summer Solstice A·enjoy bread baked from the first cut of grain at Lughnasa/Lammas A·learn how harvest festivals are celebrated around the world at Fall Equinox A·remember our beloved dead at Samain/All Souls

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