Come Home, It's Suppertime: Long Lost Lore of Cooking Traditions in 19th Century Kentucky

LaVerne Littleton


In this distinctive cookbook, the author recalls her childhood memories raising, preparing, and sharing food with family and neighbors during the years of the Great Depression in southwestern Kentucky. As the last of a generation that knew only organic gardens and slow-cooked food, the author tells of daily life and work set against great events that shaped her family's lives from the Lewis and Clark Expedition, army occupation during the Civil War, the devastating flood of 1937, and when school chums left to serve in World War II. Readers will delight in the rare family recipes passed mother to daughter: Yellow Jacket Soup from the author's Cherokee ancestors and old time favorites, Daddy's Moonshine Eggnog, Hand-Churned Ice Cream, and Kentucky Bourbon Apple Pie. Church social meals of Hot Chicken Salad, Kentucky Wonder Green Beans, and Cranberry Relish provide festive menus for holiday cooking. Recipes with precise ingredients and easy-to-understand instructions are enhanced by family life stories, humorous or sorrowful. Readers -- young and old -- will delight in this first-person account of a time long past...but not forgotten.

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