Behind the Bottom Line: Powering Business Life with Spiritual Wisdom

Stephen R. Graves, Thomas G. Addington, Stephen R. Graves, Thomas G. Addington


In Behind the Bottom Line , Stephen R. Graves and Thomas G. Addington — cofounders of the popular journal Life@Work— offer businesspeople a much-needed resource for understanding the spiritual factors that have a profound (and often unheralded) influence on our day-to-day business lives. This personal guide shows how biblical wisdom can become a vital and integral part of our work lives and a pathway to business excellence. In each chapter, the authors examine one of the fifteen centralthemes of business life— power, change, wealth, ambition, ethics, balance, stewardship, partnering, calling, rest, strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, marketplace grace, and legacy— and explore how spirituality is intrinsic to our professional lives. Throughout the book, Graves and Addington offer powerful, life-changing spiritual insights that can profoundly affect how we approach our life at work.

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