Ovily Pumpkin

Cudalina Anna


While in school, Ovily Pumpkin was labeled as a "misfit", and through no fault of his own, was bullied by the other children; causing Ovily to choose to become a loner. Yet Ovily Pumpkin is found to be no ordinary boy, in a variety of ways he is unique. He has the ability to view both bullies, and bullying, from a higher perspective. He discovered uncommon and successful coping mechanisms for most of life's challenges. He recognizes that we can't control the experiences that cross our path, or the people who create these experiences, but he came to realize that it was Ovily's reaction to life's experiences that mattered most in the scheme of things; in addition to finding the beauty that 'alone time' can gift us with. Ovily always looked for the good in life, and always found it; and shares these discoveries with the reader. His attitude and perspective on both the ordinary and the extraordinary are always birthed through inspirational perspectives, and provoke 'food' for new thought. His life becomes filled with adventure, in which he discovers that he has the unusual ability to communicate with nature, and that nature speaks back; and has much to communicate, to share, and to teach we humans, and Ovily shares these occurrences with us.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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