Professional Development: Pinpoint Sales Management Skill Development Training Series

Timothy F. Bednarz


Professional Development presents strategies and techniques to improve overall management effectiveness. It helps sales managers to sustain management effectiveness to overcome poor, faulty, or ineffective performance and productivity. Sales managers are educated how to apply specific professional development strategies and techniques to incorporate best management practices to improve their personal performance and enhance their self-improvement and growth, including the ability to develop and maintain a strong focus and direction that directions their decisions and actions to improve their performance. If you or your managers: fail to understand how to obtain results and improvement; utilize ineffective strategies to enhance management performance; are unable to utilize best management practices; use ineffective action steps needed to improve performance; utilize ineffective strategies that enhance professional management growth; don't understand the factors that hinder self-improvement and how to apply strategies to overcome them; are unable to maintain a clear focus and direction; and fail to overcome common management traps and pitfalls, then this book will help effectively solve these problems.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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