Bringing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks to the Masses

Jose Cano Reyes


This book has enabled to translate some theoretical concepts of ubiquitous computing to real scenarios, while identifying specific needs in different types of applications. In order to achieve such objective, a set of research prototypes are proposed. The main contribution of the book is EasyMANET, an extensible and configurable platform whose goal is to automate as much as possible all the tasks that affect the configuration and startup of MANETs to make their use simpler and more widely available. EasyMANET makes use, as mandatory components, of an address autoconfiguration system, and a name resolution service known as Visual DNS. Visual DNS offers a graphical view of the MANET participants and gives users the possibility to access the services made available by other users. Through a large-scale validation using the OMNeT++ simulator, we show that EasyMANET is a highly scalable solution.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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