Animatrix--A Female Animator: How Laughter Saved My Life

Heidi Guedel


Book DescriptionWhat kind of childhood experiences helped Heidi to become a successful Disney Animator?

Who inspired her?

Why did she become such a prankster ?

What challenges did she face as a young woman striving to become an Animator at Walt Disney Productions in the 1970Â’s?

What was studio life really like?

Titter titterÂ…

What outrageous and hilarious things did Heidi and the other young Animators do while they worked for Disney?

Why did Heidi and 15 other gifted young Animators all walk out of Walt Disney Productions to make The Secret of NIMH ?

Find out!

Heidi Guedel tells you all about it with unflinching honesty and humor.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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