The NBA's Greatest Players

John Fawaz


From Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Dwight Howard to Dwyane Wade, this book features the 75 greatest players in NBA history. Not much has changed since the NBA made its debut in 1946 - the rim is the same height and great players still dominate - and the NBA's virtuosos can be found in these pages. Some are obvious, such as Michael Jordan, whose exploits transcended the game and made him a global icon. Others are not so well know, such as Paul Arizin, one of the first jump shooters. Many were superstars during their time, and other were not fully appreciated until much later. The 75 players featured in this book are a diverse lot, incorporating many different styles and contributing to the teams in ways not always reflected in box scores. But all have left and imprint - or are making an imprint - on the sport. These are NBA's royalty, a line that can be traced from George Mikan all the way to today's king, LeBron James. With a foreword by Willis Reed and afterword by James Worthy, it is a must buy for any fan of the NBA!

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