Complete MBA For Dummies

Кэтлин Аллен, Питер Экономи


Want to get an MBA? "The Complete MBA For Dummies", 2nd Edition, is the practical, plain-English guide that covers all the basics of a top-notch MBA program, helping you to navigate today's most innovative business strategies. From management to entrepreneurship to strategic planning, you'll understand the hottest trends and get the latest techniques for motivating employees, building global partnerships, managing risk, and manufacturing.
This fun, easy-to-access guide is full of useful information, tips, and checklists that will help you lead, manage, or participate in any business at a high level of competence. You'll find out how to use databases to your advantage, recognize and reward your employees, analyze financial statements, and understand the challenges of strategic planning in a global business environment. You'll also learn the basic principals of accounting, get a grip on the concepts behind stocks and bonds, and find out how technology has revolutionized everything from manufacturing to marketing. Discover how to:
  • Know and respond to your customers' needs;
  • Handle budgets and forecasts;
  • Recruit and retain top people;
  • Establish and run employee teams;
  • Use Sarbanes-Oxley to your company's advantage;
  • Negotiate with the best of them;
  • Build long-term relationships with clients;
  • Avoid common managerial mistakes;
  • Improve cash flow;
  • Market your products and services;
  • Make the most of your advertising dollar.
    Once you know what an MBA knows, the sky's the limit. Read "The Complete MBA For Dummies", 2nd Edition, and watch your career take off!

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