The Retirement Revolution: A Strategic Guide to Understanding & Investing Lump-Sum Distributions from Qualified Retirement Plans

Dan L. Flores


Dan Flores brings over twenty years of experience guiding clients' investments to this in-depth look at the needs of individuals receiving a lump-sum distribution from a qualified retirement plan. In clear and easy-to-understand language, Flores analyzes the lump-sum alternatives and investment strategies necessary to become an informed investor, including:

  • The rules and regulations of lump-sum distributions and IRA rollovers.
  • The penalties and pitfalls of early retirement and how to avoid them.
  • The differences between asset allocation and diversification.
  • How to build an investment portfolio blueprint and monitor accounts.
  • Understanding the importance of product selection: the advantages and disadvantages of individual securities, money managers, and packaged products such as mutual funds, index funds, unit trusts, and exchange traded funds.
  • Strategies for taking income out of retirement plans.

The Retirement Revolution is an especially useful resource for benefits and human resource directors to share with employees.

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