Social Media For Business

Dr Mark Clayson


Your business is experiencing pressures like never before. Customers and clients are choosing if they want to engage with you. They are in control and you almost relegated to a mere onlooker. Social media platforms are commonplace and popular. Users – your customers – flock to them in droves. The most popular websites on the planet are social based. Are you there with your customers? Should you be? Could you be? Riding the social media wave demands a rethink of strategy and realignment of vision. Your customers and potential customers are talking about you and your services whether you can see them or not. They are using social media to do it. Businesses that can join their customers in the social media space have an unrivaled opportunity to build new and stronger relationships with their customer base. Ultimately this can lead to greater recruitment and retention of clients and thereafter, greater profits. Are you going to be ahead of your competition?

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