31 Ways to Green Your Business (And Boost Your Bottom Line): A Practical Guide to Substantial Savings through Sustainable Business Practices

Akweli Parker


Is a??sustainabilitya?? worth pursuing? Can you afford to make it a part of your business? After all, for years, doing the right thing by the environment meant necessarily incurring more costs. Those days, however, are fast disappearing. Organizations of all sizes and in all industries are proving that ita??s possible to profit from a well-thought-out green strategy. In this booklet, youa??ll find a range of ideas that can work for anyone a?? from solopreneur to international conglomerate a?? in running a cleaner and financially leaner organization. Going green isna??t just about holding planetary stewardship as a core value, important as that is. Ultimately, ita??s about capturing the future. Increasing regulation and the need to innovate make having solid green strategies more important for businesses than ever. Position your organization to prosper in the Green Revolution -- get 31 Ways to Green Your Business today!

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