ISO 9000:2000 Survival Software Templates

Doug Anton, Carole Anton


From the simplistic, yet logical numbering system to the easy to read flowcharts, these templates make developing a quality management system smoother.

The ISO 9000:2000 Survival Software Templates CD-ROM and three ring binder include:

* Completeprocedure and quality manual development templates for documenting an ISO 9001:2000 system. These templates utilize the unique, user-friendly Scripted Flowchart process.

* Agendas, forms, checklists and a company metrics tool.

* Timeline template.

* Element Implementation Teams planning form.

* Top Registrars listing (with links to their websites).

It's not necessary to learn separate new software or hire a programmer to customize software - these templates work with Microsoft Word and Excel.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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