10 Clowns Don't Make a Circus: And 249 Other Critical Management Success Strategies

Стивен Шрэгис, Рик Фришман


There is no one rule for business success, no one principle that can help you meet every challenge. The realities of doing business are just too complex. However, there are lots of little rules that can guide and assist you along the way-and that's what 10 Clowns Don't Make a Circus is all about.
From Donald Trump to Harvey Weinstein, Learning Annex guru Steven Schragis works with-and learns from-hundreds of "top drawer" business people. Public Relations executive Rick Frishman works with-and learns from-prominent business leaders; including Michael Eisner, Mario Cuomo, and Arnold Palmer.
In this groundbreaking book, Schragis and Frishman have collected all they've learned from the movers and shakers of virtually every industry and boiled it down into smart, simple strategies. Master just one rule a day, and in no time you'll manage everything -people, workloads, companies, etc.-with more skill, more confidence, and more success!

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