Cruising: A Guide to the Cruise Line Industry (Cruising)

Marc Mancini, Marc. Ph.D. Mancini


Comprehensive profiles of two dozen cruise lines, a study of cruises by their geographic itineraries, and an insiders view of cruise sales, marketing, and operations make this the only guide needed for learning how to succeed in the cruise industry. The content has been written in a magazine-style manner, making it easy and fun to read. And the author has applied a number of educational strategies, lending to Cruisings easy learning manner. Particular attention is placed on key terms and phrases for better comprehension, activities and discussion items reinforce the concepts, and photos, graphics, and sidebars illustrate each chapters content. Dozens of leading industry professionalsincluding several cruise line presidentshave reviewed this material, ensuring that it reflects real-world insights into the business.

Тип: fb2, pdf

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