Ant: The Java Build Tool in Practice (Programming Series)

Bernd Matzke


Ant, the new Java-based application building tool from the Apache Foundation, adds XML functionality and cross-platform operability to previous "Make" tools, creating an extremely powerful development environment. This book provides a complete, tutorial-based Ant guide and reference. It begins by introducing users to this new tool, with the basics of installation and file handling. Subsequent chapters attack the subject matter from a pragmatic angle, grouping similar commands by subject, and then discussing them from a "practical use" point of view. Throughout the text, examples are included to make the learning process as painless as possible. The companion CD-ROM contains the latest version of Apache Ant and Jakarta Oro, in addition to all the source code.

KEY FEATURES * Starts with the installation of Ant, describes the set up of Ant XML files, and explains the basics of this Java tool * Provides a practical "hands-on" guide on how to use Ant to build applications * Presents commands and techniques from a "practical use" point of view * Focuses on concrete activities and concepts, and uses examples to demonstrate the command characteristics in a straight forward, concise manner

Тип: fb2, pdf

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