Perspectives on Argument (5th Edition)

Nancy Wood


This combination rhetoric/reader helps readers develop strategies for critical reading, critical thinking, research, and writing that will help them argue clearly and convincingly. It teaches them to identify and develop arguments, to read and form reactions and opinions of their own, to analyze an audience, to seek common ground, and to use a wide, realistic range of techniques to write argument papers that express their individual views and original perspectives on modern issues. The Rhetoric portion includes clear explanations and examples of argument theory and reading and writing processes, research and documentation skills, and offers engaging, class-tested writing assignments and activities. The Reader portion includes 75 reading selections covering seven broad issue areas and 18 more focused areas, all of contemporary concern. Unique chapters discuss argument styles, Rogerian argument, and argument and literature. Material covered includes engaging with argument for reading and writing, understanding the nature of argument for reading and writing, writing a research paper that presents an argument and visual and oral argument. Readings cover a range of issues including those concerning families and relationships, education, crime and the treatment of criminals, race, culture and identity, freedom, war and issues concerning the future. For anyone interested in a clear presentation of argument theory applied to written, visual and oral forms.

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