How to Be a GREAT Cell Group Coach

Joel Comiskey


Research has proven that the greatest contributor to cell group success is the quality of coaching provided for cell group leaders. Many are serving in the position of a coach, but they don't fully understand what they are supposed to do in this position. Joel Comiskey has identified seven habits of great cell group coaches. These include: • Receiving from God. • Listening to the needs of the cell group leader. • Encouraging the cell group leader. • Caring for the multiple aspects of a leader's life. • Developing the cell leader in various aspects of leadership. • Strategizing with the cell leader to create a plan. • Challenging the cell leader to grow. Practical insights on how to develop these seven habits are outlined in section one. Section two addresses how to polish your skills as a coach with instructions on diagnosing problems in a cell group, how to lead coaching meetings, and what to do when visiting a cell group meeting. This book will prepare you to be a great cell group coach, one who mentors, supports, and guides cell group leaders into great ministry.

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