AutoCAD 2000: One Step at a Time Basics

Timothy Sean Sykes


AutoCAD 2000: One Step at a Time--Basics was recently approved as Aut\ odesk Certified Courseware. A text designed for novice AutoCAD users that is ideal for either classroom use or independent study. This book takes a three-pronged approach to teaching AutoCAD by integrating text, CD-ROM, and web-based support to create a complete learning system.

Book - Includes 20 AutoCAD lessons designed to bring you fully up to speed with 2-D drawing. Lessons are clearly marked for purpose and content, and provide hands-on, step-by-step instructions to help the student master the task. All instructions come in an easy to follow 3 column format labeled Do This! that clearly presents the task at hand. Lessons contain tips, tricks, projects, and quizzes developed by the author through years of experience as a designer and CAD guru.

CD - This CD keeps on providing instruction when you have left the classroom, or are studying on your own. 25 drawing tasks are captured as multimedia presentations for your review. Each lesson is keyed to a specific section in the text marked with a CD icon. When you review these lessons on your computer, you will see a drawing being created right on screen using the steps shown in the text. As the AutoCAD cursor moves across the screen, a voice accompanies the movements and provides audio instruction and reinforcement. In addition, the CD contains easy to find files of all the drawing lessons in the book

Worldwide Web - This text has an accompanying website that offers a self-assessment tool to test your understanding of important concepts. It contains sets of questions keyed to approximately half the lessons in the text that test your understanding of key concepts. Take these quizzes online as practice exams, and you will receive immediate feedback on your progress

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