Body Knowledge System®

Stephanie Wood


The Body Knowledge System® opens the doorway to a different kind of intelligence- one that includes intuition, physical well-being, emotional intelligence and enhanced spirituality-by reuniting us with our bodies. The result is better choices and better lives.

Practice the dance, dance the practice-the Body Knowledge System®

Discover the missing piece to your personal "body estrangement puzzle" through practicing the Body Knowledge System®.

After placing that piece in its proper place, you experience personal harmony, improved health and increased happiness in every area of your life. Professional fulfillment and personal satisfaction are simply a page away in the Body Knowledge System®.

Professional dancer/trainer/choreographer and life coach Stephanie Wood, PCC created Body Awe® to share every aspect of the Body Knowledge System® with everyone who seeks this revolutionary approach to health and well-being.

"The Body Knowledge System® is the foundation to put wellness into practice..."
-Karen Beard

"...a refreshing new concept in the art of creating wholeness of self."
-Vicki Lockwood

"Amazing benefits are available in the practice of Body Knowledge System®...confident choices, improved health and connected spiritual life! "
-Marilyn Davidson

Use the Body Knowledge System® to:
• End your estrangement with your body
• Develop a stronger sense of self confidence
• Experience the magnificence of your body

Professional Certified Coach (I.C.F. ) and popular teleclass leader, Stephanie Wood knows our bodies are sources of joy, information and support. Her experience and extensive research yields the information in Body Knowledge System®. Within these pages, Stephanie shares her knowledge about the clues our bodies give us for self-care and better life choices. The Body Knowledge System® is your dance for life!

Embrace your body's wisdom by practicing the Body Knowledge System®, your personal powerful springboard to better health, better relationships and a better future!

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