Handbook of Business Data Communications: A Managerial Perspective


Do you need a one-volume lesson about business applications of the Internet and other computer-based hardware and software? This book provides comprehensive coverage of four major areas: The Internet and Data Communications Basics, Popular Types of Networks, Design, Implementation, and Management Issues in a Network Environment, and Data Communication and Internet Applications.
The Handbook of Business Data Communications looks briefly at the major corporations working in each category. In addition to practical examples, short case studies, and summaries of emerging issues in data communications, Professor Bidgoli discusses personal, social, organizational, and legal issues surrounding the use of networks and business software. Easy to use, balanced, and up-to-date, the Handbook has both answers and insights into future trends in business data communications.

Key Features
* An industry profile begins each chapter, providing readers with ways to learn more about the products they use
* Numerous case studies of businesses throughout the book highlight applications topics
* Includes balanced presentations of current and emerging technologies as well as useful discussions of security issues and measures
* Presents thoroughexaminations of the Internet and intranets/extranets
* Social, organizational, and legal materials provide context for data communications information
* Summaries and review questions reinforce the aims of each chapter

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