Managing God's Money-The Basics, Workbook: Become a Good Manager of God's Resources

Michel A. Bell


Jesus Christ is the Creator of the universe and owns everything!

Consequently, we are managers of all resources we acquire throughout life—including money —and we must act accordingly.

This workbook is a companion to Michel (Mike)Bell's previous publication, Managing God's Money—The Basics, in which he provides a simple framework and useful, proven techniques for managing money effectively. The workbook was designed to facilitate individual and group study of key principles such as goal setting, planning, budgeting, borrowing and giving. It will allow individuals to drill deeper in the Bible to understand financial concepts more fully. Questions shown throughout will require thoughtful reflection and will help the reader unearth several key truths from the Bible about the effective use of resources. Additionally, the reader will get a good understanding of basic financial concepts while learning important spending tips.

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