Coach's Guide to The Memory Jogger II

Michael Brassard, Diane Ritter


The easy to use, complete reference for working with improvement and planning tools in teams.

It just got easier to train others in the tools for continuous process improvement and effective planning. Make your company more efficient with quick access to the right tools and methods.

The Coach's Guide makes it easier than ever to use The Memory Jogger II as a key resource in your effective training efforts. You can get your teams to better use the basic quality control tools and management and planning tools so that they can achieve the objectives they've set for themselves and the organization.

Most importantly, it gets teams to rely less on the facilitator and more on developing their own selfsufficiency. Tabbed by each chapter for your convenience, the Coach's Guide is packed with everything you will need to better utilize The Memory Jogger II .


- Provides a standard, easy to use format that allows coaches to find information quickly.
- Offers instruction that applies to formal training situations and improptu learning opportunities.
- Helps coaches and teams choose the right tool for the situation, covers commonly asked questions, and their answers, about the tools and the process of using and constructing the tools.
- Outlines simple examples, learning activities, and step-by-step tips on the construction of each tool.
- Presents real company examples and the story behind each team's experience using one or more of the tools.

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